Isen Inc.

  • Photographer
  • Software developer

I Photography

Fun x Art.
It is important to me that you have as much fun as I am having while we are producing your portraits. The unhindered moments while you're enjoying yourself, the emotions you share with him or her, makes the best images. Timeless images, that you'll love and remember for time to come.

II Software

People say I'm a cross between a Ninja and a dude with OCD when it comes to coding. I work primarily with Microsoft technologies and dabble in other web and mobile technologies. I also have quite some experience working with mobile clients.

III Contact

Only human
I won't bite. Send me a message.
I like the great outdoors! ...and also the great indoors.
You can say I'm a chaotic-good level 20 Vampire Ranger.


Arun & Amrita

A gamer dude and an outdoor girl.

Both Arun & Amrita are my colleagues. I was pleasently surprised when they informed me that they decided to get married. I knew I have to shoot for them as they are good friends of mine. I had a lot of fun shooting them.

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Sreethu & Aravind

A happy girl with a somber man

Sreethu is a naturally playful girl who always has something up her sleeves. On the other hand, Aravind is a down to earth and pragmatic man. You could say they are a magnificent match. Sreethu injects the fun and Aravind evaluates it. =)

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Ask me anything

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黄庆翔 黄庆翔

Isen Ng

1-man army

The brains and brawns, and the whip and peon, and the bad guy and the good guy. 1 to the power of 1 is 1.

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